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Why OBK?

At O’Byrne and Kennedy we believe that business profits are merely outcomes. They are the by-products of creating value for customers. We believe that the true driver of profitability and equity value is an investment in intangible assets; that is, investments in, people, systems, knowledge, innovation and creative insight. Our clients are all business owners who share our belief that with applied thought, creative business design, leadership and management they will create a better business and a better life for themselves, their families and for those they employ and do business with.

Thank you to all the successful business owners with whom we have had the pleasure to work with.  You inspire us and show us the way.

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Client stories

Everyone loves Existing Eddie

Eddie shares his tips on how he learned to run a better business

How ‘Busy Bob’ became ‘Knowledgeable Bob’

Bob needed to get a life. Enter O'Byrne and Kennedy.

Meet tall and clever Simon Seller

Designing and implementing an exit strategy for Simon and his Jazz dreams

Jane and the Management Buyout Adventure

OBK's focussed approach meant Jane's MBO was a breeze.

The trials of Start-up Jack

Jack needed help with his start-up. He made the right call.

Accountancy Annie and the lost Financial Controller

How a redesign of Annie's accounting system put a smile back on her face


Disruptive Business Models

November, 13th 2014 0

Having just returned from watching Ric Payne speaking at the OBK MBA* reunion event I have been thinking about some of the things he said. The question in my mind is: ‘do we really understand our own business model?’ Most small businesses do what they did yesterday without a seconds thought. But if someone asked you to articulate your business in some detail along the lines of Osterwalder’s business model canvas– could you do it?

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All change

March, 2nd 2015 0

“Change is the process by which the future invades our lives” Alvin Toffler

You may have heard the saying, “if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got!” This is not a view I subscribe to. Your circumstances are a product of both your behaviour AND your environment. Outcomes will change if either of these change.

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Forthcoming event


10/01/2024 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am –

The Class of 2024 will meet every month (except August) usually the second Wednesday of each month for a 3 hour session. If you are interested in joining our class of 2024 you may like to join us for a taster session (see other events).