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About us

We are chartered accountants providing specialist services to business owners who are serious about their business. We help business owners design and build better businesses, plan their finances and mitigate their tax. Our clients are in a range of industries and are typically located in Hertfordshire, Greater London, the home counties and the city of London. Our clients tend to be ambitious, intent on growth and many want an exit plan.

Typically we will see an obk client many times during the year and although we provide year end accounting and tax services this is a relatively small part of what we do. We spend time with our clients looking forward not back. We help them articulate their goals and develop a strategy to achieve them. We help them execute their strategy with ideas for implementation. We help with systems design and documentation. We help our clients build more saleable businesses. We help them market and sell their business.

We price all our work in advance and all clients are protected with a fixed fee agreement. We do not keep timesheets and clients can call us whenever they want knowing that this service is included in our fee.

If you are a business owner and you are serious about developing your business we want to hear from you. Call Paul Kennedy on 01707 876876.

Obk values

Our values are built around a fundamental respect for the individual. We will be respectful to all people, team members, suppliers and clients alike.  We also expect all team members to be respectful of each other and to value their differences.
We are a team.  We all have different skills and contribute in different ways and we should recognise this.  We expect our clients and suppliers to treat our team members with respect.

We are a teaching and learning organisation
We are about development.  We will work to help develop our clients and/or their businesses and if and when they leave us they will leave us stronger than when they came.  We will all work to develop ourselves and help each other develop and if and when team members leave the firm they will leave us stronger than when they came.  A team member’s personal development extends beyond technical skills and should include personal skills, self confidence and self esteem.

Respect and concern for personal lives
We respect team members’ personal lives and right to privacy.  Where individual team members wish to share personal problems then they should be able to do so, confident that where we can help each other we will try. Team members are not expected to work excessive hours that would jeopardise a healthy work life balance. We are straight and open in all that we do The firm will have no secrets except in so far as we need to protect the privacy of the
individual.  We will be candid with one another and not be afraid to tell clients how it is.

Choose our attitude
We expect all team members to take responsibility for their attitude and recognise how this impacts on the rest of the team.

We treat our work seriously and do everythi ng we do to the best of our ability. However, we shall try to ensure work is fun. This may not always be possible but we can and will commit to organise periodic “fun” events in which all team members can participate.

We will continually innovate our products and the way we work.  We will look for opportunities to turn conventional wisdom on its head, be a shining light in our profession and we will be seen as extraordinary. We will live true to these values and with an irrepressible spirit.