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Paul O’Byrne RIP

Paul O’Byrne 1957 – 2008

On Sunday 16th November 2008 Paul died peacefully at home. He gradually slipped away surrounded by his caring family. He was a wonderfully considerate and polite patient and his humour never deserted him.

His cancer had been discovered in April 2007 and he underwent treatment for much of 2007 and early 2008. In between his treatment he enjoyed life to the full. He travelled to Las Vegas in October 2007 and to Australia in May 2008 doing what he loved best – speaking and amusing audiences. He remained quite fit until September 2008. His condition deteriorated quickly in October and he died in November. Paul was always more concerned with quality of life rather than longevity and his family take some comfort from the fact that he died just as his quality of life had waned.

In recent years his travelling and speaking has made him well known to many people in Australia and The United States. He was an extraordinary man. He had a wonderful sense of humour, was always full of energy and enthusiasm for new things and although he died far too young he packed a lot of life in his years and died, as he had lived, with great dignity and courage.