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Case studies and testimonials

“I have now worked with OBK for over 6 years. My first encounter with OBK was from a mail shot I received which was for a seminar (How to grow your business and get a life! and Building a saleable business). From there on OBK changed my life, my way of thinking and my way of running my business. Not only did they help me increase my profits they also helped me sell my business for a price I never imagined we would be able to achieve. Their vast knowledge and ability to think through situations certainly was a very large part of the success of both growing and selling of my business. If your company is stuck in a rut and you can’t see the wood for the trees your profits are down and staff moral is lower than low, then take it from someone who’s been there. Call me on 07711 182167 and I will be happy to talk to you about what OBK have done for me. It’s been a pleasure working with OBK and also great fun with a fantastic result. Thank you to all at OBK.”
– Stephen Anderson

“The direction, philosophy and tools that I have gained from working with OBK have been fundamental to how I operate our Company and how the business fits in to my personal and family life. The seminars and general support have gone in deep into my outlook and would urge any other Owner Manager to attend one of their events to see how they could grow their business and get a life!”
– Robin Somerville

“OBK have proved an invaluable resource in helping us achieve our business objectives. Their informal yet authoritative approach has meant that they have provided us with the help and guidance, both technical and commercial, that we have needed within the timeframes that it is required. We regard OBK as a partner, whose opinion and advice we seek before making major business decisions. Paul Kennedy can provide the objectivity that can sometimes be lost by the executives and he can helpfully provide challenges to our management team, which aid good decision making. The team working with Paul Kennedy are friendly, flexible and very efficient and provide me and the finance department with the external support that is so essential to our success.”
– Michael Cohen FCCA Financial Controller, One Holdings Limited

“We moved to OBK from a larger accountancy practice in 2006. We were looking for a partner who could understand our needs and be involved in our business, work closely with our accounts staff to produce accurate monthly information, quickly, and give us sound advice 24/7! Not only has this been achieved but we have gained much more……… we have experienced many different aspects of their work from the acclaimed MBA course, various seminars, advice on selling our business, to name just a few. Their contribution at our regular meetings is always inspirational. OBK are innovative, their attitude is always first class and our ongoing working relationship is excellent.”
– Polly McConachie, AMP Air Conditioning Limited

“We have been fortunate to have been clients of OBK for over five years and, over that time; their financial expertise has helped us to increase sales by 30% and to turn losses into profits. But they are much more than just accountants, and have become our trusted business partners, sharing our values as well as our appetite for learning and continuous improvement. Their senior staff are always accessible and available for advice and consultation and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.”
– Phil Rumbelow Chief Executive, Jubilee Hall Clubs

“As a start up business 3 years ago obk helped us through the first year fantastically with all aspects as we knew how to run stores but not a business always helpful on all queries year round could not do without obk on tax issues and completion helped greatly on advising whether to take a new business on or not the team is very helpful and supportive”
– Paul Gravelle

“I started working with Paul and his team in 2000, just a few months after starting my new business. With Paul’s help I sold my first business in 2007 and have started other business’s since. Without hesitation I would say that Paul has been the single biggest (positive!) influence on my business career. Idea’s, systems and practises that we have developed together over the years still play a major part in how each company is run.”
– Paul Byrne, ONE Holdings Ltd

“I have worked with O’Byrne and Kennedy for 20 years. Their supportive and proactive approach to accountancy and business advice has enabled Blaze Communication to develop into a strong and thriving business. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any SME business.”
– Jamie Richardson Managing Director, Blaze Communication Limited

“It started in 2003 when we were anxious to grow our business, but thought the bigger it grew the harder we had to work. OBK were recommended to us by our then bank manager, and we haven’t looked back since. The business has more than quadrupled in size and we are now able to work on the business and not in the business. OBK have been instrumental in the planning and executing of the strategy, but more than that, they changed our mindset and nurtured our confidence, which has led to us tacking the big bold steps were taking today.”
– Peter Timotheou Operations Director, Tims Dairy Ltd

“Working with OBK has impacted significantly on my working life and my employer’s business. At O’Byrne and Kennedy, the focus is on working with and helping clients get the most out of their businesses (and enjoy them) and to help in influencing their future rather than simply looking at and recording the past. Oh and yes… they’re good accountants too!”
– Jo Bown

“OBK have been a great support to our business, guiding us through the original purchase, 15 years ago, and keeping us focussed and successful throughout “the growth years”…..long may they continue!”
– Jenny Wild, Hawthorn Veterinary Practice Ltd

“We rely completely on O’Byrne and Kennedy to run the accounting side of our business. They are always very efficient and thorough. We have been with them for over ten years and have never had cause to complain. We would have no hesitation in recommending them and have done so on numerous occasions.”
– Dennis Leech and Selma Lamkin, Directors Freestyle Lighting Limited

“I first became enlightened during one of the famous OBK “Grow your business” seminars many years ago. During the time I have used them I have found that they have added a great amount of value to my business, as well as being thoroughly professional and approachable.”
– Nick Zimaras, CJAZ Consulting